Nick July

ebook cover of Hardwood and Joinery

Eric: I promised my mother I'd never be with a man again, but then I met Austin... But he's from a different world. He grew up with wealth, power, privilege. I grew up with barely enough to eat, and a hard-working mother who pulled us up by her bootstraps. Austin was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; how could I ever relate to a man like that? — Austin: Every man I've been with has let me down, but maybe Eric is different. He's kind, gentle, and great with his kids. I don't care about Eric's background, or his dusky skin. I don't care what people might say, even less my family; they've directed every aspect of my life — until now. It's time for me to try again, one last time. Maybe this time I'll find true love. — Guaranteed HEA! Written for adults (sex, swearing, bad ex bf, etc.)

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#books #romance #ku #gay #interracial

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